Barnes and Noble Apparently Sells Idolmaster Figures Now


CEDAR PARK, TX — Reports have come in from anime fan Pedro Serrano that bookseller Barnes and Noble now apparently sells iDOLM@STER figures.

“I came into Barnes and Noble to flip through some light novels to check them out before buying them online, when out of the corner of my eye in the clearance bin I noticed Chieri Ogata and saw that they had a couple of random iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls figures.”

“I mean, I know they sell Dragonball Z figures, but Idolmaster figures are such a weird choices. I even checked to see if they sell any Idolmaster manga or DVDs and nope, just these random figures. I wonder who decided to stock them, and how long they’ve been in clearance.”

“I guess it makes sense, Barnes and Noble is barely a bookstore anymore, like half of their store space is just shelves of Lego and Funko Pops. Hardly anybody buys physical books these days, so I guess they’re doing whatever it takes to survive. Kinda makes me sad.”

After seeing the figures, Pedro looked them up online and found someone selling them cheaper on ebay, and subsequently left Barnes and Noble without purchasing anything.

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