Being an Anime Fan as Explained by 10 GIFs of Cute Girls

You know you’re an anime fan when….

You know all the words to your favorite anime songs!


You somehow know a lot of Japanese!


You collect merchandise!


You think: “Why go outside when I can watch ANIME?”


Your friends start to worry about you!


You get in arguments on the internet about anime (which you always win)!


You degrade into an estranged fetishist!

You start to wonder where it all went wrong!


You fall into a deep depression!


You go back to watching anime because you don’t know what else to do with your life!

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Having been sentenced on 3 separate occasions to commit honorable sudoku after various incidents involving lava lamps and body pillows, Steve sought sanctum against the legions of radical Haruhiists he'd enraged. He fled to a lesser-known corner of our solar system where he happened to find some free wifi and an artisan bakery that appealed to his hipster tastes.