‘Black Clover’ Voice Actor Broadcast Across North Korean Border


With military tensions rising between North Korea and its two neighbors, Japan and South Korea, the three nations have been at odds in a menacing standoff. With outright war being an impossibility, the belligerents are resorting to issuing verbal threats and propaganda.

One popularized example is the utilization of massive loudspeaker systems to transmit propaganda to-and-fro across the Korean Demilitarized Zone, with the South broadcasting anything from defamation to idol music. As of recently, however, the loudspeakers are finding a new and peculiar use.

Reports confirm that South Korean military personnel, in conjunction with the Japan Self-Defense Forces, are broadcasting sound clips of Asta, protagonist of currently airing anime series Black Clover, over the loudspeakers aimed towards their northern neighbor; more specifically, sound clips of the character screaming in his famously irritating voice. For hours a day, the Korean DMZ is bombarded with the ear-piercing mating calls of a second-rate Japanese voice actor.

“They always say that war is hell, but after listening to that screaming all day, hell is honestly sounding like a lot better place to be right now,” remarks Jae Woo Kim, a South Korean soldier.

Kim, who is stationed at the DMZ, says that despite being issued ear plugs, the irritating shrieks still manage to make it to his ears. His peers make similar testimonies regarding the situation.

A North Korean spokesperson condemned the broadcasts, adding that “…our great nation will not yield to such disgusting fodder.” North Korean soldiers positioned at the border, however, seemed visibly distraught with some attempting to bury their ears within their hats.

Despite the broadcasts’ apparent effectiveness, the South Korean military plans to terminate them within the next month, following repeated complaints. Pursuing a more ergonomic alternative, the South plans to deploy leaflet balloons containing manga spoilers to their northern neighbors.

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