Boeing Repurposes 737 Max for One Way Isekai Flights

Boeing’s 737 Max jetliner was cleared by the Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday to resume passenger flights. The plane was grounded last year after two crashes and numerous technical issues led the FAA and other regulators worldwide to ban all 737 Max aircraft from operation.

It has since been discovered that a safety feature intended to prevent the aircraft from climbing too quickly had malfunctioned and was instead forcing the nose of the plane downward, plummeting it into the ground. The 737 Max’s past has been marked by troubled development with claims of the design being rushed and lacking proper oversight. Before release, test pilots described issues as “catastrophic” with a key indicator critical to the new flight system found to be inoperable in 80% of all delivered jets.

Boeing has announced that it has since mostly fixed the issues relating to the 737 Max by repurposing the planes to fulfill the rising demand for isekai travel. Sudden vehicle mishaps have long been known to be the most effective method for suddenly being transported to another world. Boeing stated that it was confident that the 737 Max, with its history of malfunctioning safety features, would be capable of fulfilling the role.

“When we stopped confining ourselves to what the 737 Max couldn’t do and instead started focusing on where the 737 Max already performed well, we then began to see the aircraft’s true potential,” said Boeing Public Relations Manager James Cowart.

Plans are for 737 Max flights to be directed over oceans, through blizzards, and into electrical storms in order to maximize the chance of a spontaneous accident sending passengers into a distant world. There is currently no known method for returning from an isekai world however, so all flights will strictly be one way.

With a global pandemic and social unrest continuing to ravage the United States throughout 2020, demand to escape to another world is expected to remain high even as traditional travel continues to struggle. Airliners are hoping to start utilizing the new isekai flights to help supplement their falling sales. Spirit Airlines, one of the first operators planing to resume 737 Max flights, stated that despite the limitations it was not expecting major interruptions to its usual service with most Spirit passengers already used to not having a smooth return trip anyway.

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