Boy Aims For Koshien, Grandparents Not Dying of COVID-19

TOKYO, Japan — Local student Kisaragi Koh, 16, expressed that he is aiming to reach the High School Baseball Championships at Koshien this year, while having his grandparents not contract and die from COVID-19, according to a stirring speech he just gave to teammates and parents social distanced in the ballpark bleachers.

“This year is our time to aim for Koshien and we need to do whatever it takes to reach our goal!” said Kisaragi. “ Although I really don’t want the travel and interactions with other teams and parents to lead to my grandparents catching and dying of COVID-19. So please wash your hands.”

Teammates and coaches were supportive of Kisaragi’s speech.

“I feel his message will really fire up the other kids and help us to win,” said team coach Kido Sentarou. “The best way to deal with this whole thing is to just focus on getting baseball started back up and ignore the potential dangerous consequences to family members.”

“My mom said I shouldn’t play baseball this year due to my illness but now I’m all fired up!” said pitcher Tsukishima Junpei. “No other team, cough, or fever will keep me from fighting to my last breath!”

Kisaragi’s grandparents offered varying levels of support for his declaration.

“It would be the proudest moment of my life to see Koh at Koshien.” said grandfather Hoshi Kazuya. “I’ve had a good run and as long as we get to see him I don’t care what happens to me in the end.”

“Fuck baseball, I want to live.” said grandmother Hoshi Wakaba.

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