BREAKING: Jun Maeda Has Common Cold

jun maeda is kill

TOKYO, Japan — After minor complaints of feeling faint and feverish yesterday, famed visual novel author and anime screenwriter Jun Maeda was checked into the National Cancer Center in Tokyo for a medical check and some recuperation time.

Although doctors are unsure of the source of Maeda’s sudden illness, Maeda continues to insist that he’s “just a bit anemic”, and that “this cold will go away soon.”

In discussing the issue, Maeda’s assistant told Anime Maru that he and Maeda “were having some drinks after our weekly pickup baseball game five days ago, when he suddenly doubled over coughing. I could have sworn I saw him cough out some blood, but he looked his usual self when he stopped and laughed it off.”

Although Maeda has mostly slept since his check-in yesterday, he has expressed his enjoyment watching the snow fall on Tokyo from his hospital window.

Fans of Maeda’s work are reluctantly optimistic for his recovery. As one fan told Anime Maru, “hardly anybody as previously healthy as Jun has died with modern healthcare, right? He’ll be fine, though hopefully he’ll get better before Tuesday when we have to pay the deposit on the funeral hall…”

Maeda was involved in the writing for such anime as Clannad, Angel Beats!, and Charlotte.

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