Burglary Ring Disappointed After Targeting Homes Of Otakon Attendees



BOSTON, MA – The head of a burglary ring that broke into homes of residents who were away to attend Otakon are reportedly very disappointed with their loot.

“All those people have is a bunch of toys, body pillows, special edition Blu-rays, and shelves full of comic books” said the ring leader, who wished to be known as T. “What the hell am I supposed to do with 13 different Hatsune Miku figures? Sell them on ebay?”

The burglary ring utilized a sophisticated method of picking targets that involved searching for the #Otakon hashtag on twitter, seeing who was going, and breaking into their homes.

“We thought we had a perfect plan,” said T. “We had a list of properties that we knew were empty, and we knew our marks were all tech savvy geeks. We just didn’t expect them to spend all their money on things like wall scrolls and genga books.”

However, according to T, the affair was not a total loss: “We found some good Aniplex Blu-ray releases,” he said. “Do you know how expensive those things are? We can make a mint selling them on the black market.”

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