Burly Russian Man Confused by Pixiv


YEKATERINBURG, Russia — For many consumers of Japanese culture, Pixiv is a one-stop source for fan-made art from around the world. To one Russian man, however, the popular Japanese online community is a baffling mystery that he can’t seem to understand.

“I don’t understand why they keep talking about me,” Yuri Prokhorov, 44, tells Anime Maru.

Prokhorov is not alone. He is one of millions of men across Russia whom the Pixiv community mention by name several times a day.

“When I read comments like ‘I love yuri’ and ‘yes, yuri is the best’, I get concerned,” said Prokhorov, a bouncer at a popular downtown nightclub. “How do these people know me? What did I do to earn their affection?”

“I never knew I was so popular worldwide,” Prokhorov continued.

Meanwhile, New Orleans resident and jazz musician Moe Browning continues to wonder why anime bloggers seem to hate him so much.

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