Campaign Seeks to Ban Offensive Terms ‘Hug Pillow’ and ‘Body Pillow’


LOS ANGELES – A new campaign launched today aims to ban the terms “Hug Pillow” and “Body Pillow,” which are routinely used to describe full sized pillows that feature anime characters.

The campaign, titled “They Are More Than Just Pillows,” features ads on buses and newspapers nationwide, as well as a series of full-page print ads. “We are just sick and tired of this degrading language,” said Justin Traub, president of the 2D Companion Defense Alliance, “it is still entirely acceptable to mock people in Transdimensional relationships and their significant others as mere objects for sexual or other gratification, and our campaign seeks to raise awareness to the plight dimensionally challenged.”

The announcement was accompanied by a 2DCDA rally, in which members carried signs with slogans such as “Just Because They Lack Depth Doesn’t Make Them Shallow.” However, some controversy erupted at the rally over a sign that read “Mai Waifu is My Wife.” A few participants were upset that the terms “waifu” and “husbando” were still in common usage.  One of them told Anime Maru: “It amazes me that we can still encounter cisnormative propaganda at a transdimensional support rally. How close-minded can you be?”

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