Capcom Sues A-1 Pictures Over Inaccuracies in ‘Ace Attorney’ Anime



The much-anticipated anime adaptation of Ace Attorney has started airing this season. While the first few episodes have received praise from fans of the series, it appears not everyone is happy with the adaptation. Capcom, the owners to the Ace Attorney franchise, has filed a lawsuit against the studio A-1 Pictures for inaccuracies in their adaptation.

In lieu of spending actual money on a lawyer, voice actor Yuki Kaji has been assigned to represent A-1 Pictures. Kaji has had many roles across anime, but most recently he voiced Phoenix Wright. The studio noted that Kaji was, “the only person on staff who even comes close to an attorney”.

“I’ve never gone to law school, I’ve even had any training as a lawyer.” Kaji explained. “I just voice the character, why does that make me an expert on Japan’s legal system?”

However Capcom may turn out to be a more formidable opponent than A-1 Pictures expects. Rumors have begun to circulate that they even hired their own ‘Ace Attorney’ to combat Kaji. Shu Takumi, the franchise’s creator and part time lawyer, boasts to have never lost a case pertaining to one of his games. It would seem the odds are stacked against Kaji, being just a spiky haired rookie attorney.

Takumi only gave a brief comment to the press, “It’s my duty as a game director to bring this foul adaptation to justice.”

“Takumi’s not even a real lawyer. This is ridiculous!” Kaji claimed in his interview. “This isn’t a game, my career is riding on this!”

Despite Kaji’s lack of confidence, A-1 Pictures is sure that he’ll figure a way to ‘turn-it-about’. They’ve even paired him up with voice actress Aoi Yuki so that she can assist him in winning the case. Yuki has voiced many characters, including fan favorite Maya Fey.

Taking this chance to practice method acting with her character, Yuki seemed much more confident than Kaji. In an interview she boasted that, “Nick and I will have this case won just in time for some burgers. Or else my name isn’t Maya Washington Smith Fey!”

Kaji seemed to have a different opinion of Yuki’s helpfulness. “I can barely understand what she’s saying, it’s like Aoi has been talking in localizations!”

The trial will take place across the next three days. As usual, Kaji will be given six strikes before he loses the case entirely. A nameless judge has been assigned to the case. Capcom has assured us that the trial will make full use of the Ace Attorney soundtrack.

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