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Special Sneak Preview of ‘The Laws of the Universe – Part 2’ Anime Film

Hello anime fans! Today I’ve had the fortunate chance of being invited by a fellow professional from another anime news website to get a special insider preview of the upcoming…

‘Happy Sugar Life’ as Reviewed by an Actual Murderer

Hi, my name is Jason and I am a convicted murderer. Today, I am going to review Happy Sugar Life and offer my own personal insight on this anime.

Lately many people have recommended I check out this recent anime called Happy Sugar Life. The name doesn’t sound that grim-dark so it’s a welcome change to my usual shows, and I’m not afraid of new experiences or anything. One of the main characters, high school freshman Matsuzaka Satou, is voiced by Hanazawa Kana. I’d honestly kill, even more than I already have, to see her get more roles, seeing how she is nowadays featured only in about 75% of all airing anime, which is not nearly enough and makes me super angry.