Char-Broil Charcoal 780 Wins Reddit Best Grill Contest


Earlier today, voting concluded on the Reddit Best Grill Contest, an online poll hosted by Reddit user ShakeShacKing where posters on /r/grilling nominated and voted on the best grill of all time. After weeks of match-ups, the winner of the contest was determined to be the Char-Broil Charcoal Grill 780 with a narrow victory over the Saber Stainless Cast 500.

The Char-Broil’s victory was very contentious with opinions raging in the comments sections. The top commenter, a user by the name of XtraVirgin, decried the contest.

“This contest is a total sham anyway. The only reason that the Char-Broil Charcoal 780 won is because the Char-Broil series is so popular, and because this model came out recently,” XtraVirgin’s post read in part. “The real best grills are too niche to get noticed by the masses and there’s absolutely no attention paid to older, more classic grills at all. Seriously, if you look at most of the voters on MyGrillLists I bet they’ve owned fewer than 5 grills.”

User Skewer98 retorted, stating: “I just got into grilling this summer but I can definitively say that no one likes old grills. They’re so bad looking compared to new grills.”

“I haven’t seen this much salt since the thread where I asked which type of salt was best for steaks,” another user named CallsignGriller added.

Meanwhile, user GigaGrillBreaker admitted, “In every match-up I just voted for the grill with the biggest rack.”

Some /r/grilling users pointed out the striking similarities between this contest and /r/anime’s best girl contest, but these comments were removed by moderators for not being sufficiently grill-related.

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