Chiaki J. Konaka Vows to Write Anime Even More Confusing Than ‘Serial Experiments Lain’


After a seven year hiatus from the industry, screen writer Chiaki J. Konaka today announced that he will return to writing anime in 2016 with a project that he promises will be “even more confusing, dense, and long winded then [his 1998 techno-horror-drama] Serial Experiments Lain.”

“Things have changed a lot since Serial Experiments Lain came out, and people are no longer wowed by stories about technology and computers like they used to be. So, that in mind, my next project will focus instead on the effects of social media, selfies, identity politics, and an increasing dependence on machines for interactions between people has effected human being as a species.” Konaka related in a statement found on his personal website, Alice6, earlier today.

He would go on to add that each episode of the new series would be “be nearly free of dialogue, and packed to the gills as many references to obscure technology, 19th century philosophy, and classical British literature as he could possibly fit” and that “If you are able to understand this anime after one viewing, I have failed as a writer.”

Konaka’s last project was the 2007 TV anime Ghost Hound, which has literally nothing to do with ghosts or hounds, and has spent most of his time since writing for the page and screen, and occasionally updating a blog devoted the Japanese band Baby Metal.

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