Child Asks Parents to Allow Him to Watch ‘Attack on Titan’

Shinji Ikari Age Ten Wants to Watch SNK

CODY, WY– Early Monday morning Mr. and Mrs. Stevens reportedly found a strange letter posted to their refrigerator from their son Michael. In his letter Michael, 10, requests to watch the very graphic anime Attack on Titan.

“Billy from school already watches it, and he’s only a year older than me!” Michael wrote, “Also Dad showed me Robocop and Starship Troopers while Mom wasn’t home. And those are way more violent than Attack of Titan!”

Recent reports indicate that Mr. Stevens has been sleeping on the couch. Stevens has gone on record saying that he has no problem with his son watching the anime in question, but his opinion hardly matters where his wife is concerned.

Michael goes on to explain the merits of a show he’s never watched. “There’s plenty of educational stuff in Attack of Titan [sic], at least that’s what Billy says. It would help my grades if you let me watch it.”

Later in the letter Michael changes his tactics, attempting to bargain with his parents. “If you let me watch Attacking Titan [sic], then I’ll do the laundry every day for a week. And if you don’t let me, then I’ll just watch it over Billy’s house anyway.”

It is clear that Michael is desperate to experience all the fuss surrounding Attack on Titan. According to sources close to the matter, everyone at his school is watching it. His mother, however, doesn’t seem to agree.

“I’ve never seen the show, but every parent group and website tells me that it’s not for kids.” Judy Stevens explains. “Besides this could be a gateway into all of those horrible ‘adult’ cartoons. I already had to have an intervention with my husband because of it, I’m not having another for my son. Some mothers say that you can’t keep your kids safe forever, I say that those mothers are quitters!”

As of pretty time, Stevens family has forbidden Michael from going over his classmate’s house after school. It appears that Mrs Stevens’ ban on anime is still in effect at the household, so Michael will have to wait until he is older to watch The Eotena Onslaught.

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