‘Citrus’ Fans Upset New Show is Decent and Watchable

With the release of the first few episodes of the anime, fans of the controversial manga Citrus have expressed their outrage over studio Passione’s adaptation of the work claiming it’s “actually decent” and does not accurately reflect the poor quality of the original manga.

Fans have called for a boycott of the anime series unless the upcoming episodes include more smutty visuals, pseudo-incest, melodramatic nonsense, and unrealistic romantic situations — hoping that it will take the show back to its original terrible roots and better reflect what made fans hate the series in the first place.

“The animation was actually pretty decent, and I was entertained! What a disaster. This is not the Citrus I hate and sometimes read as a guilty pleasure,” writes one anonymous fan.

“If I wanted to watch something good, I would not have chosen to watch Citrus,” another fan commented. “I came here for a sloppy lesbian fantasy not something with actual depth.”

Fans will have to wait until the upcoming weeks to see in which direction the anime develops. In the meantime, most have chosen to simply rewatch Netsuzou Trap which portrays the level of quality many were hoping to see.

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