Climate Scientists Form Idol Group in Desperate Effort to Save Environment

In a last-ditch attempt to bring attention to the threat of global warming and save the environment, a group of climate scientists have formed an idol group called TooHOT. Inspired by anime story lines such as Love Live!, School Idol Project, where a group of school idols manage to save their school, these scientists hope that the power of idols will finally get people to pay attention to the bleak state of climate change.

“We’ve tried everything: publishing studies, speaking with government officials, talking to the media, going to crowded public places and screaming about climate change — everyone just ignores us,” TooHOT founder and center Dr. Steven Carell of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center tells Anime Maru. “But I was watching those idol anime, and it clicked. Maybe if we’re shining on stage like those anime idols, people would pay attention to our message.”

The group’s first single, “Love Rising Like the Sea Levels, Which Are Rising Even Faster Than Predicted Five Years Ago” has proven to be a hit, and their second single “California Wildfires Caused by The Worst Drought in Recorded History” is due to be released November 2.

According to Carell, it was not easy convincing other scientists to join his group. His supervisor, Dr. Indira Goyal, disapproved of his plan and pledged that under her watch there would never be a climate change idol group. Goyal was eventually convinced to join the group herself, as the supportive senpai-type member.

Despite being founded only a month ago, TooHOT has gained a modest but passionate fanbase known as THOTs, an abbreviation of the group’s name.

“I like TooHOT, they are cute and their songs sound great, even though they sing in English and I don’t understand any of it,” Japanese THOT Nobuhiro Ken, 29, told Anime Maru. “My oshimen is Lisa [Hemmingway, Ph.D., Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of North Carolina].”

We attended a recent show of theirs in a jam-packed Tokyo club. The lively crowd waved glowsticks and did organized chants to the various global warming statistics featured in TooHOT’s songs. Between songs, Carell played his role as group leader and addressed the crowd.

“Wow, it sure is hot in here!” said Carell, as the crowd cheered in agreement. “And if immediate corrective action and sweeping policy changes regarding greenhouse gasses are not implemented, it’s only going to get hotter!”

Before beginning the next song, Carell made everyone promise to take public transportation to and from the venue.

After the performance, Carell told our correspondent that while the idea of forming an idol group may seem unorthodox, it was truly the last hope that they could get someone, anyone, to take climate change seriously. “Idols can do amazing things — they can even come back from the dead like in Zombieland Saga.”

“And pretty soon, unless we address the rising temperatures and greenhouse gas levels, even the girls in Zombieland Saga couldn’t survive on Earth, because it will be a burning hellscape,” Carell continued.

“The size of Greenland sheet ice has gone down for 25 consecutive years while patterns of seal beachings have skyro-…,” Carell was heard saying before our correspondent lost interest and walked away.

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