CNN Apologizes for Accidentally Airing Over One Hour of ‘Chaos;Head’


BOSTON, MA — CNN viewers were shocked to discover last Thursday that instead of the usual airing of unintelligible political debate that CNN usually provides they were presented with an unintelligible Japanese cartoon instead. Thursday night, Boston area cable subscribers received 78 straight minutes of the anime series ChaoS;HEAd instead of the usual scheduled political programming. Responses from viewers during the broadcast ranged from confused to deeply offended.

“When I first turned on the TV I was confused about what I was watching,” Boston resident Samantha Terzki told Anime Maru. “At first I thought it was a special about how the Republican agenda has caused a housing crisis for Millennials, but it was really just about some dweeb living in a dumpster on top of a building.”

“I frankly find what I witnessed last night insulting,” said avid CNN viewer Tom Fresco. “It was like they just made things up whenever it was convenient. None of it was the least bit believable. And why does that guy get all the attention? One time I stayed locked up in my apartment for three days and not once did a cute girl visit me. I couldn’t even get my sister to spontaneously drop by.”

Twitter users were quick to respond, flooding CNN’s Twitter page with questions regarding the incident.



CNN apologized for the mistake and stated that they are investigating the matter as to what could have caused the accidental airing of ChaoS;HEAd. CNN assured its viewers that despite the television network’s past history that current CNN programming is “certainly not as bad as ChaoS;HEAd”. CNN stated they would address the issue and vowed to take appropriate action against the employee with such poor taste.

RCN, the main provider of cable television in the region, stated that they will investigate the broadcast history from Thursday night to determine possible causes for the interruption of normal scheduling. Going from current viewership ratings, RCN estimates that as many as twelve people may have seen the erroneous broadcast.

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