CNN Reports Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Safely Landed on Isla


Image of MH370’s approach to the floating island of Isla obtained by CNN, somehow

ATLANTA – In a shocking revelation that came to many people that had been skeptical of CNN’s coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, CNN cut into an episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown to say that the plane had landed safely on the floating island of Isla.

Anchor Don Lemon broke the unconfirmed news prefacing it by saying “We have news that some of you may find quite unbelievable,” before continuing. “We can now confirm that not only have we located the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, but that the legendary floating island of Isla also exists.”

At this point, no other news outlets have run with this story begging the question of just how much evidence CNN had in making this report.

“I know that CNN is trying to boost their ratings by running the MH370 story 27 hours a day if they could,” said a source at a rival broadcaster. “I really don’t know who ran with this story or even what Isla is, but I imagine it was someone with a grudge against the network.”

CNN, for its part, continues to stand behind the story.

“As of this morning, we are preparing to fly a news team out to this new place. They have a young girl named Nina Viento who rules the place so we may do a few days of shows about her,” said Mike Toppo, CNN’s vice president and senior editorial director.

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