‘Code Vein’ Player Still in Character Customization After 10 Hours In-Game

FLORISSANT, MO — Local student David Ng, 20, is reportedly still customizing his character more than 10 hours into his first playthrough of Code Vein. The action role-playing game from Bandai Namco has drawn comparisons to the popular video game series Dark Souls, but is most notable for its extremely detailed character customization screen.

“Yeah I guess the vampire fighting thing is cool too,” Ng, who has never played Dark Souls and usually plays visual novels and dating simulators, told Anime Maru. “Before I get to that I have to make sure I have my cute anime girl just perfect.”

Online guides provided by IGN and Polygon have suggested that without the perfect hair style, a matching ensemble, and color-coordinated cat ears, “it will be impossible to defeat the uhh… whatever the monsters in this game happen to be.”

As of press time, the world record speedrun to complete character customization is 1 hour, 24 minutes, and 30 seconds without loading screens. The game itself has yet to be completed by anyone on the planet.

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