Comiket 86 Debuts Oculus Rift Demo of Virtual Comiket


TOKYO – Comiket 86, which took place last weekend in Tokyo, featured a booth demonstrating the world’s first fully immersive, Oculus Rift version of Comiket itself.

Visitors to the booth, who reportedly stood in line for up to 8 hours, got a first glimpse of what it would be like to walk around Comiket, visit the different booths, buy products, and stand in line for events and demonstrations.

“The environment was very detailed and really helped you feel like you were at Comiket,” said Saito, a young man who had camped out overnight to secure his place in line, “in fact in some ways it is better because your legs don’t get tired and there is no risk of heatstroke.”

One feature that users were reportedly thrilled with was “photographer mode,” where the user took hold of a camera and went around taking pictures of cosplayers. According to user feedback, the fact that you couldn’t get arrested in a virtual world provided a very rewarding experience.

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