Container Ship Stuck After Failed Drift Attempt

A large container ship has gotten stuck in the Suez Canal after a botched attempt at drifting.

The incident occurred after the ship’s captain attempted to execute a “kansei drift” into the canal. As the ship began maneuvering sideways, however, it soon became apparent that the ship’s mass was far too great for it to take the first corner. The ship’s bow wedged itself into a side bank bringing the craft to a halt and blocking access to the canal.

The canal is a major route for seaborne trade, handling around 10% of global shipping traffic. The ship, the Ever Given, was carrying a large quantity of tofu products for delivery. The impact from the collision is estimated to have damaged most of the product on board.

Efforts are still underway to dislodge the massive container ship. Authorities have proposed installing guardrails alongside the canal in order to prevent further incidents.

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