Controversy Arises After Fans Discover Saber used to be a Man

saber whatTOKYO, Japan — Today Akihabara is ablaze with an inferno started by outraged fans who have just discovered their beloved waifu, Saber, was once a man. At the time of reporting the fires show no signs of being extinguished as otaku are continually feeding the flames with Saber dakimakura. Ultimately Anime Maru was forced to leave the scene out of fear for our lives as one of our reporters was wearing a Fate/Apocrypha shirt.

The blame for the current chaos can be traced back to one reddit user Maxatious64 who, upset over the loss of his waifu Misaka Mikoto in r/anime’s best girl contest, posted, “Saber is stupid, she’s not even a girl. She’s based of some king from England.”

Users initially laughed the comment off, saying Maxatious64 was “the bone of their salt.”

However, a few minutes later, Maxatious64 replied with a link to a Wikipedia article about King Arthur Pendragon who he claimed was the inspiration for Saber. Quickly the conversation spiraled out of control. Across the internet panic erupted as new evidence surfaced that Saber’s full name was actually Arturia Pendragon, shockingly similar to Arthur. Furthermore, on MyAnimeList some users claimed they had watched Fate/Prototype, an anime adaptation of the original idea for the Fate series, and that Saber was a male in the episode.

Anime Maru’s own investigation into Saber’s past revealed more. It was discovered that Saber had produced an heir. According to Fate experts, during the backstory of Fate which no one really understands, Morgan le Fey was impregnated with Saber’s child. The child later grew to be a Knight of the Round Table. Therefore making Saber a father.

“We should not erupt into chaos,” said Michael Hayden, an avid anime blogger and former director of the NSA. “Just because Saber is based on a man does not mean that is how we have to identify her character. Frankly, I believe that Saber being based off King Arthur actually lends an interesting dynamic to her character.”

More rational fans quickly suggested burning Akihabara in outrage.

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