Controversy Erupts Over Lionel Messi’s Love Live Tattoo


Tempers flared yesterday after paparazzi snapped a picture of FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi leaving a tattoo shop with horrendous new Nico Yazawa ink.

The tattoo, which appears to be an amateurishly rendered image of Nico with the words “NICO NICO NII” written next to it, caused a series of epic meltdowns in both the football and anime communities and a commercial district in Barcelona was burned down in solidarity with Akiba.

Debates ranged from whether he should have spelled it “Niko” to the choice of character and even the choice of show. Supposedly some people were upset that it was even anime related and said stuff like “what the fuck is that cartoon shit?” (although they probably said it in Catalan) but this is ANIME Maru, so I’m sure you don’t care what those people think…

In any case, all eyes are now on Cristiano Ronaldo, who is rumored to be getting a full back portrait of Hibiki from Idolm@ster. Several analysts warn that this could result in another Idol-inspired nuclear conflict.

Author’s Note: The opening sentence of this piece referred to the tattoo as “horrendous new Nico Yazawa ink.” This was done with the intent to criticize both its quality and subject matter. N.T.

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