Cosplayers Excited For One Time of Year They Won’t Be Judged

With Halloween upon us, cosplayers across the country expressed their excitement today for a brief period of relief from public judgment. Many reportedly have been enjoying the day, using the tradition of the holiday to mask their normally unconventional attire.

“I rode the train all afternoon today and not once did anyone bat an eye,” said cosplayer Sarah McCollins who was dressed as C.C. for the holiday. “With my hair dyed some people just thought I was dressed as a witch, which I guess isn’t entirely incorrect.”

Other cosplayers report similar treatment, being able to walk into stores and other public areas with little to no reaction from bystanders. While there have been some instances of others trying to identify the outfits, most have thankfully incorrectly assumed them to be much more socially conventional costumes, avoiding an awkward attempt at an explanation.

“It may not look like much, but I’m currently cosplaying as Shou Tucker right now,” stated one man out for a leisurely walk with his dog. “My daughter and I really enjoy going out around this time every year.”

While some anime related attire is often considered too revealing, the rise of “sexy” themed Halloween costumes has seemingly made such outfits much easier to pass off. Several cosplayers claim to have gotten away with more risque choices; however, a few Kill la Kill cosplayers did report some issues.

Although much of the costumes that have been on display were not what would be considered scary, many stated that simply the fear of going back to pretending to be a fully functioning member of society the next day was enough for them.

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