Couple Manages to Successfully Have Sex on Japanese Train

otokonokoisntgayTOKYO, Japan — 22-year-old college student Takeshi Kujiura and his yet-to-be-named acquaintance made history yesterday afternoon after becoming the first people to successfully engage in sexual activity aboard Japanese public rail transit. The incident occurred on the Yamanote Line, shortly after leaving Shinagawa station, and took place over the course of a few minutes.

“I was a bit shocked to see two people just banging on a train of all places,” said Daiki Satou, 37, who was at the scene. “But I’ve seen this manga a few times already, and I quickly realized what was going on.”

Kujiura’s feat was¬†previously thought to be impossible; beside the fact that people on public transit would surely notice such a brazen act, trains in Tokyo are often so crowded that such an activity would be physically impossible.

“I thought things like this were only in those comics that … my friends show me sometimes. I never thought I’d see this in real life,” another eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous told Anime Maru.¬†“That can’t be comfortable.”

According to reports, others in the train soon realized they were witnessing eromanga-inspired history and began to applaud the couple for their audacity. Shortly thereafter, they contacted the police.

Kujiura and his lover are currently in custody.

“I guess anything is possible now,” said Satou. “I wanna see someone fuck a boat.”

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