Court Approves High School Gunpla Battle Players Union

Gunpla Union

TOKYO – A high court in Tokyo today approved a bid by the Seihou Academy Gunpla club to form a players union for upcoming Gunpla Battle seasons, a move that could fundamentally change the structure of varsity Gunpla leagues in the future.

“We are very happy with the court’s decision,” said Gunpla club president Yuuki Tatsuya. “For years the schools have been making millions off of Gunpla Battle revenue, while students participating in the world championships still need to buy their own meat buns. It’s not right.”

The Seiho Academy players received support from the International Gunpla Battle Players Association. IGBPA president Ricardo Fellini said that the association would provide any assistance to the new varsity unions during upcoming collective bargaining agreement negotiations. “These kids need all the help they can get,” Fellini told reporters. “Especially since the people behind the Gunpla competitions seem to change the rules of the game at complete random whenever they feel like it – even in the middle of a battle!”

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