COVID Vaccine Shortage Caused by Huge Virtual YouTuber Population

New data released on Tuesday suggests that Pfizer’s two-dose coronavirus vaccine is effective even after the first dose, but supplies are running low. Pfizer has reported to the CDC that it cannot deliver additional doses of the vaccine until summer because hundreds of thousands of virtual YouTubers have snatched up the company’s supply.

Retired Rear Admiral Philip Linekar, who oversees the logistics to supply and produce the vaccine for the American people, acknowledges the decision to place virtual YouTubers in priority group “1aa” ahead of even healthcare personnel and residents of nursing homes.

“I understand that our brave healthcare providers, frontline workers, and elderly population are at the highest risk of the COVID-19,” Adm. Linekar told Anime Maru. “But VTubers, especially my precious Ame-chan, are just too important to risk in this pandemic.”

A slide from a CDC presentation on the Phased Allocation of COVID-19 vaccines

Health officials have cited the unexpectedly high number of VTubers who have made their debut in recent months as large factor in their ability to supply the vaccine. The US has hit a record high number of VTubers this week, with experts estimating there are over 250,000 VTubers in America right now.

“Everyone and their mom are making their VTuber debuts recently. I swear it’s spreading almost as fast as COVID-19 itself,” CDC analyst Kristen Alison — appearing as her virtual panda-themed anime persona “Krimini” — told Anime Maru.

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