Cross Ange Blasted For Offensive Content

Cross Ange

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The new Sunrise anime Cross Ange, which features scantily clad mecha pilots battling dragons, has already generated controversy in its first episode due to its controversial depiction of lacrosse.

“I can’t believe they could have gotten things so wrong,” said Tracy Freeman, head of the National Collegiate Lacrosse Players Association. “I have been waiting for a lacrosse anime for years, and this is what I get? No protection of any kind, use of hovering motorcycle sled-things? What is this, Quidditch?”

Reviews on echoed Freeman’s criticism, citing the offensive depiction of the sport as one of the main reasons for the show’s low marks.

“Sure there’s some other minor stuff that bugs us, but this lacrosse shit has got to end. Have you ever seen soccer or basketball or baseball receive this kind of bastardized treatment? Hell, even more minor sports like volleyball and tennis have been depicted relatively accurately. But suddenly when it comes to lacrosse, these bigots think they can just change the rule at will,” one forum post read.

As of press time, Cross Ange has an average score on MAL of 8.2/10..


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