Crunchyroll and Funimation Executives in Discussions to Create ‘Totally Awesome’ Transformation Sequence


FLOWER MOUND, TX — Top executives from anime streaming and licensing companies Funimation and Crunchyroll met yesterday to finalize the details of their groundbreaking partnership. The two companies announced earlier this week that they will enter into a distribution partnership, allowing members of both sites limited access to shows licensed by the other.

Premium members from both sites have reacted positively the change, as it increases the selection of shows available to them.

The two companies –regarded by analysts as the leaders of the anime digital content industry — have finalized most details of the agreement, but representatives are currently furiously hashing out what one official regarded as the “most important detail.”

“What we need is a sick mecha transformation union video that shows the world the combined power of the Crunchyroll and Funimation partnership,” Funimation social media director Abby Lindgard told Anime Maru. “You see it’s because we stream anime, so we’d be totally hip if we had an anime style way of announcing the partnership to the world.”

According to Crunchyroll licensing coordinator Andrew Chang, the current idea is to “have the mech representing Crunchyroll do some fucking awesome flips and transform a little in the air, you know, but still going super fast before joining into the Funimation mech and becoming the head of this awesome super big mech.”

However, the two sides have reportedly had its fair share of disagreements that have stalled discussions. Funimation representatives objected to Crunchyroll insisting that it be the head of the mech.

“Ok, so Funimation screams ‘GATTAI!’ and flies a million feet into the air and glows gold and takes the shape of a torso, and the head has this crazy helmet with parts sticking out and Crunchyroll splits into four pieces and attaches as the arms and legs,” Lindgard describes enthusiastically while making wild gesticulations. “And there’s crazy light and rainbows and sweet ass music, kinda like Aquarion Evol.”

Crunchyroll issued a statement in response to the proposal calling the Aquarion franchise “shit” and proposing a new design where Funimation constitutes the mech’s buttocks.

Since the partnership began, several shows have already been made available on both platforms. But in the complex world of media licensing, it may take months if not years to fully has out all the details of the strategic partnership.

As of press time, Funimation’s latest proposal was to have Crunchyroll be missiles which the mech promptly fires into the Sun, and Crunchyroll moved for Funimation to play the role of Shinji Ikari.

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