Crunchyroll Employee Quietly Deletes File Called “Crunchyroll Rewind” from Hard Drive

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Christine Leveret, a 27-year-old video production assistant working for Crunchyroll, has quietly dragged a file called “crunchyroll_rewind_v14.mp4” from her desktop into the recycling bin, a report given to Anime Maru earlier today indicates. Leveret is responsible for editing and composing much of the media content at the American-based anime streaming and distribution company, and has recently been working on a “secret year-end surprise” for Crunchyroll subscribers, according to coworkers.

According to interviews with anonymous Crunchyroll staff, over the last few weeks Leveret has been working on a video that opens with Kirito from Sword Art Online talking about how much he loves Fortnite. The video supposedly also features hilarious topical anime cameos such as Utsubari Tooru from To Be Heroine and Mick from Space Bug.

After a montage of characters from Cells at Work doing Fortnite dances with the cast of Darling in the FranXXX, the video transitions into an emotional segment with the cast of Goblin Slayer praising random unrelated social topics in the most insincere way possible.

According to eyewitnesses at Crunchyroll headquarters, community manager Miles Thomas was seen urgently pulling Leveret into a conference room earlier today. An email was then circulated to all employees reminding them to regularly empty the recycling bins on their computers. Finally, as of press time, Thomas was seen carrying Leveret’s desktop PC out of the building at night to the dumpster in the back.

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