Crunchyroll Loses Streaming Rights to ‘Abunai Sisters’

Shock waves of disappointment were felt throughout the anime community today as Production I.G’s critically acclaimed anime series Abunai Sisters was pulled from the Crunchyroll streaming service. No official word was given as to why the series was suddenly removed, drawing much confusion from users. While shows get rotated from Cruchyroll’s lineup all the time, it is rare for such a high profile title to disappear so suddenly.

“I went online for my monthly re-watch of the beloved Abunai Sisters and to my surprise the entire video page was wiped aside from the first episode for some reason,” longtime Crunchyroll subscriber Brandon Forton told Anime Maru. “Come on Crunchyroll, what am I even paying a subscription for?”

Others expressed similar concerns online about not being able to view Abunai Sisters, a series which in no way could be found by simply just typing the title into a YouTube search. Diehard fans of the show (who refer to themselves as “Abunaiers”) have even threatened to cancel their subscriptions should the anime not be restored.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now when I’m in the mood to hate myself,” stated Abunai Sisters fan Steven Housley. “Guess I’ll just go play Fortnite or something.”

For the moment, fans are left only with the option of importing a DVD of the anime at exorbitant costs should they wish to view it. The loss of the show serves as a reminder to many of the perpetuating difficulties that have been associated with licensing anime properties for Western audiences.

Rumors later arose indicating that the series was removed due to Netflix acquiring the exclusive rights for North America. After the company’s shaky reputation for live action adaptations, the acquisition was praised by Netflix users as a step in the right direction for obtaining more genuine anime for the service.

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