Crunchyroll Premium Membership Gift Coupon Languishes Away In Unread Inbox

Though this time of year is a time for holiday cheer — for gathering with families and friends around a warm fire or a hearty meal — not all are so fortunate during the winter months. A one month Crunchyroll premium membership coupon has been languishing in an abandoned inbox under the username for the last several years, sources report. Despite being sent in 2008 for Christmas, the email was never opened and the coupon link never clicked.

“It’s really tragic,” said one avid Crunchyroll user. “There are loads of people dying for just one month of a premium Crunchyroll membership and then you have this coupon going to waste. I don’t even think the sender plans on giving the link to someone else in need. And it’s so easy to tell if a coupon is redeemed or not. Such a waste of good anime.”

Crunchyroll gift memberships have long been the gift of choice for many anime watchers in need of useful presents for friends and family. The process of gift-giving purportedly creates a feeling of satisfaction and gifting Crunchyroll memberships is no exception. Premium membership givers report emotions of great self-accomplishment after watching their emails get shipped and receiving order notification emails. However, it is a rare case that an email is still marked as unread despite the noble cause of funneling money into the anime industry.

The 2008 coupon email is currently the eighth unread email in shinji37’s single, unfiltered inbox, followed by 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 Crunchyroll gift coupons.

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