Crunchyroll Removes All 1-Star Reviews of ‘EX-ARM’ Anime

Crunchyroll has actively begun removing negative reviews of the newly released anime series EX-ARM, reports confirmed on Friday. The anime has received harsh criticism for its use of awkward CG characters, cheap effects, and overall poor animation quality. Many disgruntled viewers soon began review-bombing the series with one-star ratings as a way to express their discontent with the production of the show.

EX-ARM sat at 1.5 star rating before the removal of reviews, but currently sits at a 4.5 at the time of reporting. Crunchyroll stated that its policies explicitly prohibit reviews aiming to “manipulate a show’s rating”. However, the company did not say how exactly it determined which reviews were abusive nor did it clarify how a numeric-based review system could even be used without altering the overall rating.

The decision has received backlash from users who accused the company of harming the integrity of the well-thought-out and intelligent feedback normally found throughout the Crunchyroll reviews and comments sections.

“I am in physical pain from watching just ten minutes of this abomination,” commented one Crunchyroll user under the name Nekochan8990. “The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that others are experiencing the same pain that I am and are still able to press onward.”

Following the news, various stock trading apps have begun blocking the ability to trade shares of Crunchyroll’s parent company, Sony, preventing individual investors from dumping their shares.

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