‘Crunchyroll Skim’ Allows Users to Watch More Anime in Less Time


Boasting that subscribers will soon find it easier to keep up with anime, Crunchyroll officially announced ‘Crunchyroll Skim’, a new feature that only show important parts of streaming episodes on their site.

“Skip the boring stuff. With Crunchyroll Skim, the most important, action-packed, entertaining parts of each anime episode is presented, with no filler episodes, flashbacks, or scenes involving Tachibana Marika,” a press release from the streaming website read in part. “Never miss a fight scene, obscure cultural reference, or pantyshot again!”

To use the feature, users simply select which shows they are watching in a certain season. Once weekly, Crunchyroll’s advanced algorithms create a customized, roughly 30-minute-long video for the viewer to watch that includes the highlights from all the selected shows. The video occasionally uses split screen to cover up to four anime at once.

“I think it’s a great tool. It’s difficult balancing anime with my hectic life of arguing on message boards over who has the best waifu,” beta tester and long-time Crunchyroll subcriber James Turner told Anime Maru. “I did report that the episode wasn’t showing me any parts of One Piece, but the programmers told me that Crunchyroll Skim was working as designed.”

Industry specialists have praised Crunchyroll Skim, showing that the company is dedicated towards implementing new and popular features instead of “doing boring shit like fixing those streaming issues.”

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