Crunchyroll Staff Browse Amazon Prime Day Deals for Anime Licenses

I know Crunchyroll's offices are not from the 1990's I couldn't find another good license free image ok?

I know Crunchyroll’s offices are not from the 1990’s I couldn’t find another good license free image ok?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Today is Amazon Prime Day, the annual celebration of the site’s founding which features massive deals for the site’s Prime membership. Along with millions across the country, staff in the Crunchyroll corporate offices spent today browsing the latest deals on Amazon. But while most people browse mind-blowing deals on battery packs, pencil sharpeners, and vitamins, the Crunchyroll staff are looking for something else from the online retail giant.

“We’re really hoping to get some of those anime licenses on sale,” senior licensing director Craig Dalman tells Anime Maru.

Over the past several months, Amazon has acquired a huge collection of anime licenses in order to bolster its new streaming service Anime Strike. The effects have been particularly notable this season, with popular shows such as Re:Creators and Made in Abyss slipping through Crunchyroll’s grasp.

While Amazon Prime day generates excitement — the company itself claims that the sales figures rival that of Black Friday — it is not without critics. Several observers have noted that the random mishmash of products featured resemble a site-wide garage sale to move unsold inventory rather than an exciting opportunity to shop for in-demand items at exclusively reduced prices.

“That’s perfect for us, really,” said Crunchyroll employee Rebecca Spear. “If you actually subscribe to Anime Strike, you’d see that Amazon doesn’t seem to do much with the licenses it has anyway.”

“Maybe we can get the rights to Ballroom e Youkoso for cheap.”

At press time, a staffer reportedly became excited while refreshing the page, thinking they saw a deal for the license to stream this season’s Dive!!, but it turned out to be a sale on indoor diving board accessories.

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