Daisuki Announces Plans to Release Anime on Laserdisc

Daisuki Laser TimeFollowing yesterday’s announcement that Crunchyroll will be dubbing and releasing DVDs for select anime in their catalog, anime streaming website Daisuki announced that they too will be entering the world of physical anime. Their first release is scheduled for next month in the lucrative format of Laserdiscs.

“Hey everyone, good news! Crunchyroll’s not the only streaming service investing in the booming, stable market of physical media. We’d like to announce we’ll soon be releasing all your favorite anime hits on Laserdisc!”

“We were initially planning on licensing DVDs too, but it turns out that’s really expensive. But Laserdisc rights were really cheap, and from what we’ve heard it’s the superior format, so it seemed perfect for us to get into!”

“We’re starting out the line with our most notable Daisuki exclusive anime, like Cardfight!! Vanguard G GIRS Crsis/ STRIDE GATE and Sushi Ninja! All of the anime you come to Daisuki for, now on the more convenient format of the Laserdic!”

Daisuki tweeted the news after first making the announcement at Anime Expo. While Daisuki did not actually have a panel at Anime Expo this year, they did have a booth, and shouted the announcement to attendees who were at the next-door Tokyo Otaku Mode booth buying things.

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