‘Dame Tu Cosita’ to Guest Perform with Hatsune Miku in Mexico

Crypton Future Media officially announced that Dame Tu Cosita will be guest performing with virtual pop star Hatsune Miku in Mexico this upcoming month. Dame Tu Cosita will serve as the opening act for the Hatsune Miku Expo 2018 Mexico tour as it visits Mexico City.

“We are excited to offer this one of a kind musical guest for Hatsune Miku’s tour to Mexico,” stated Crypton Future Media’s Global Marketing Manager Guillaume Devigne. “Vocaloid is all about bringing together the best of live works and digital creativity. We believe Dame Tu Cosita to be a great pairing for Miku in the world of virtual idols and I think our fans will enjoy the collaboration as well.”

The tour would be the premier live performance of Dame Tu Cosita whose popularity exploded earlier this year. Crypton also revealed that Mexico would be the first to witness the use of live holographic projection to bring Dame Tu Cosita to life on stage. The hologram will be able to move realistically across stage while performing its signature moves before later joining Miku in a cooperative dance routine.

“Quiero morirme,” Mexican Miku fan Antonio Correa told Anime Maru. “Ya no hay esperanza para este mundo.”

Tickets to the event have sold extremely well with most of the venue filling up mere hours after the announcement. The success of the announcement has Crypton considering more collaborative guest acts for performances in the future.

“Maybe for our next North American tour we’ll try a collaboration with that Crazy Frog thing that I’ve seen around,” Devigne told our correspondent. “There clearly seems to be a demand for these kinds of things. I think our American fans would really appreciate it.”

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