‘Dead or Alive 6’ Releases DLC for Every Individual Color Hue

Publisher Koei Tecmo has officially released a new set of DLC for their latest entry in the Dead or Alive series, Dead or Alive 6. The new DLC adds every single hex color value for changing the hair color of the player’s chosen fighter for a total of 16,777,216 individual colors. Each color can be purchased for $1.99 – a total of $33,386,659.84 for the complete DLC color bundle.

The release has received criticism from fighting game fans for the DLC’s relatively exorbitant price compared to the only $2051.78 it takes to purchase all the game’s previous DLC on Steam. Others defended the release claiming it would actually be affordable for most people who would only be picking a few of their favorite colors anyway and that the targeting of exploitable consumers was completely justifiable due to the rising cost of development these days.

“It’s not like you have to buy every single DLC,” said fighting game fan WomboCombo69. “I know it looks like a lot from the total, but if you just limit it to a selection of the more common colors then it really isn’t all that bad.”

“I don’t mind as long as it’s cosmetic and doesn’t affect gameplay,” stated another user going by XtremeBleachVolleyball. “Things like visual presentation doesn’t really matter when it comes to video games.”

Any color purchased will become available as a selectable option for any character within the game. Some fans pointed out that the colors’ unlimited use make the DLC quite a good value, claiming that Koei Tecmo could have theoretically done something completely absurd like charging players every single time to change hair color and then charging again to switch it back, but they had graciously chosen not to.

We followed up with Koei Tecmo on how they planned to use this additional revenue stream to improve the game to which we were directed to Dead or Alive 6‘s latest patch notes which strangely only listed “Added additional costume support”.

Shortly following the release, a user in the Steam forums posted a mod allowing users to change the available colors to any value they desire by editing a single line in a config file within the existing game assets. The post has since been removed.

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