‘Death Stranding’ to be First Ever Feature Film to Include Pre-order DLC

Sony has broken new ground this week following an announcement that the highly anticipated motion picture Death Stranding, produced, directed, and written by industry auteur Hideo Kojima, will be the first in history to come with pre-order DLC and microtransactions. The film, which will be coming exclusively to Ps4 Bluray ™ , will feature a suite of cosmetic items for the movie’s protagonist, Sam (portrayed by Norman Reedus), which Sony has firmly indicated “will have no impact on gameplay” as there won’t be any in the first place.

Kojima, who has been overseeing the entirety of Death Stranding, is hoping the film has a warmer reception when compared to his first feature, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which many fans and critics alike maligned for hardware limitations requiring the film to be installed prior to viewing. Kojima later went on to blame this and the film’s bloated length on forced “interactive” segments which he alleged were mandated by series publisher and pachinko conglomerate, Konami.

Internal documents additionally revealed plans to implement a Kickstarter/Patreon style reward system close to the release of the game with leaked tiers including a “dinner with Hideo & Mads” at the $5000 tier which involves a complimentary meal with the game’s director and featured Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen, and a $300 “Funky Featus” tier, which comes with a hard copy cover of the film, an art book, all previous tiers of DLC, and a life-size working replica of the “bridge baby pod” used by Norman Reedus’s character within the film.

Despite our efforts to confirm the validity of this information, all of our attempts to contact Mr. Kojima have been fruitless, with all email correspondence sent his way simply being replied with either “Did you like it” or “Kept you waiting, huh?”.

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