Decades Later, ‘Fruits Basket’ Grammatical Error Remains Uncorrected

More than 15 years since the original anime series and over 20 years since the original manga started, the grammatical error in the title of Fruits Basket continues to persist in the newly released remake, as discovered by Internet users that care strongly about correct grammar and absolutely have original opinions.

“Every time I see this title I want to correct it with red pen,” said Roger McAllister, author of a Facebook post complaining about the grammatical error that reached the Facebook character limit and continued into the comments. “It needs to be corrected. And I don’t even watch anime, I just search online for grammatical errors.”

While some see the error as minor, others feel it could have significant negative impact on people.

“My earliest memories are of my parents watching Fruits Basket over and over with me, regardless of whether I wanted to see it. Then I went to school and when I said a bowl of fruit was a ‘fruits basket’ everyone laughed at me,” 16-year-old Tohru Honda Johnson told Anime Maru. “Forget about being cursed to turn into an animal of the Chinese Zodiac, the real curse is having otaku parents.”

Despite these and similar misgivings, many otaku online felt that the need for correct grammar is overblown.

“This is a remake series; it is important for it be barely different from the original. It wouldn’t be Furuba if it wasn’t written as Fruits Basket,” a twitter user named KyoShipYuki12 wrote.

An Anime Maru reporter also reached out to Japanese creators of anime and manga to see their perspective on the issue.

“English spelling and grammar should not be about what is ‘correct’ but represent what is in our hearts,” said Daisuke Moriyama, creator of Chrno Crusade.

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