Deep Analysis: Hidden Meanings in the Yuri Kuma Arashi Finale You May Have Missed


With Yuri Kuma Arashi’s final episode airing this week, it’s finally time to end our 12 part series analyzing all of the show’s symbolism. I hope you’ve been keeping up with our posts, or else this will all be tremendously confusing.

Careful, there are Yuri Kuma Arashi spoilers ahead, and those would look tacky on anyone's car.

Careful, there are Yuri Kuma Arashi spoilers ahead, and those would look tacky on anyone’s car.

  • The opening sequence begins with the imagery of a honey pot breaking, and ends with a shot of three coffee mugs turned upside-down. This is Ikuhara’s personal attack on those damn sweetened coffee drinks you see at Starbucks. Ikuhara is effectively saying, “If you drink that honey crap, it’s not even coffee, man.”
  • The girls at the school have blue uniforms, whereas Lulu and Ginko have pink and green uniforms. This was a hint that most of the students, while appearing to be girls, are actually boys! Therefore, the seemingly lesbian relationships they enter into are actually gay relationships, making them the bears implied in the show’s title. Ginko is the only actual girl, and Lulu is gender neutral.
  • You may have noticed that several lines are repeated throughout the series. This is because Ikuhara thinks you are an idiot who does not understand things the first time you are told.
  • The building in the background of the climax has a pattern involving stars and pyramids. As we’ve established before, the show drops several hints that the main characters are alien space explorers, so all this does it tell us what we’ve known all along: Aliens built the pyramids.
  • The leader of the villains wears a butterfly hair decal. This is of course referencing the butterfly effect, in which a small change in a system can result in large effects later on. This is a reference to the way Yuri Kuma Arashi introduced several smaller villains over the course of the series and killed them off, leaving us with the large effect of some nobody being the show’s final villain.
  • When the villains search for evil on their phones, the first result is “Exclude Evil” and the rest of the results are simply, “Exclude.” Ikuhara is trying to teach the audience that if the first result in an Internet search doesn’t get you what you’re looking for, the rest of the results are just going to be the same thing so it’s not worth bothering.
  • Even in the final episode, the construction equipment present in the beginning is still everywhere. Fucking typical, right?
  • The villains force Ginko to walk the plank at gunpoint and use smart phones, demonstrating that truly the real evil is internet piracy.
  • Because the Bear Judges are the only male characters in the series, they represent the patriarchy. This is obvious.
  • You may have been confused by the exact difference between love and kisses as used in the trial scenes.
  • The angel who arrives to solve the main character’s problems is named Kumaria. Look at that name very carefully, does it look familiar? That’s right, Kumaria is a reference to Kumar from the Harold and Kumar series! The solution all along was marijuana!
  • The series concludes with Kureha accepting her love by using magic to turn into a bear, allowing herself to be shunned as a monster for the sake of love. This beautiful ending is of course paying homage to the fairy tale anime classic, Shrek.
And so we close the book on this analysis. You know, because Yuri Kuma Arashi has a fairy tale motif. Did we make that clear? We'd better explain it a few more times.

And so we close the book on this analysis. You know, because Yuri Kuma Arashi has a fairy tale motif. Did we make that clear? We’d better explain it a few more times.

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