Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Sequel To Add More Terrible Characters for the Player to Beat Up


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Developers from Ecole Software have begun announcing new characters that will be featured in their upcoming game Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition. This game is a sequel to their previous title in which the player could use the Durarara!! character Shizuo Heiwajima to beat up a wide roster of terrible characters from various Dengeki Bunko light novels.

“The appeal of the original game was of course to finally be able to kick the crap out of all of those annoying, cliché, and frankly terribly-written characters that our staff of writers have included in their visual novels. Naturally, we included popular characters to hate on such as the overpowered self-insert Kirito Kirigaya and the otaku asshole imouto character Kousaka Kirino, but we also made sure to include more minor hateable characters such as incessantly-catchphrase-spouting Himeragi Yukina and several bland waifu characters such as Asuna and Kuroyukihime. Of course we also have Minato Tomoka for all those pedo lolicon as well. We even included some more well-liked characters such as Taiga Aisaka so that Minori and Ami shippers could take out their frustrations with how badly they were shafted.”

“Of course, in order to release the game on time we couldn’t quite fit in all of Dengeki Bunko’s terrible characters, which is why we’re releasing this sequel. Obviously we’ll be including some major snubbed characters, such as the Cartman-perportioned whiny asshole Haruyuki Arita and the literally-objectivist-jesus Tatsuya Shiba, but we’ll also be delving into some supporting characters who are deeply despised. We’re particularly proud of our Amarti build, who makes some great sounds of pain that really get across how much you’ve made him regret trying to steal Holo from Lawrence. Trust us, it’s something to look forward to.”

“Honestly though, even with this sequel I doubt we’ll be able to fit in all of the awful characters from Dengeki Bunko’s catalogue, there’s simply too many of them. And at the rate Dengeki Bunko finds new authors to write light novels filled with immature power fantasies and otaku stereotypes, I doubt we’ll ever run out of characters that people will enjoy beating up, so we intend to continue releasing new versions to meet people’s demands.”

Ecole Software has also opened up a website where voters can submit their own most hated characters to be included in the sequel. At present time, the developers have announced that they will be reaching out to Kinoko Nasu to see if the widely requested Shinji Matou can be included, but they make no guarantees.


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