Dick’s Sporting Goods Announces Partnership with ‘Eromanga Sensei’


Today American sporting goods chain Dick’s Sporting Goods announced an advertising partnership with the anime production staff of Eromanga Sensei.

“We’ve been trying to improve our performance in the young female demographic, and we’ve heard that girls these days are very into anime and manga,” Richard Cox, a company spokesperson, told Anime Maru. “We Google image searched ‘Dicks Girls Anime,’ and along with a lot of very unhelpful results, we discovered a screenshot from Eromanga Sensei of a girl saying she loves Dicks.

“So we thought, this is exactly what we need, and we approached the staff about a partnership.”

The staff at A-1 Pictures were initially surprised about being approached by an American retailer, but they have happily accepted the partnership and produced a commercial for American television. In the commercial, the 12-year old character Megumi Jinno tells the main character Masamune Izumi that all girls her age love Dick’s for their wide variety of sports apparel and equipment. “I’m sure your little sister loves Dick’s too!,” Megumi exclaims to end the commercial.

In response to the partnership, Eromanga Sensei’s yuri fandom has insisted that Dick’s rework the commercial to feature Chick’s Sporting Goods, another sporting goods chain which Dick’s bought in 2007.

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