Digital Manga Press to Introduce the West to Loli Manga


As part of their ongoing effort to to raise awareness of the loli genre of manga and anime in the West, Digital Manga Press announced today that a Kickstarter to license and publish the drama/romance/loli porn manga Kodomo No Jikan has reached over $120,000 in pledges and is currently on course to meet its final goal of $150,000 in under a week’s time.

In addition to releasing Kodomo no Jikan, money from the Kickstarter will also be used to launch a multi-tiered advertising campaign assuring the public at large that those who purchase the manga are not, in fact, horrible sexual deviants. Rather, they are simply experiencing a complex story about a small child with abandonment issues and how she resolves them by interacting with her friends and teachers, while only occasionally being naked for no real reason.

“While we know that stories similar to Kodomo No Jikan has had somewhat of a tumultuous publication history in the West,” a representative from Digital Mange Press told Anime Maru, “We believe that there is real merit to it as a story when you get past all of the underage nudity, pedophilia, and a scene in which a tampon is graphically inserted into a twelve-year-old girl in an X-ray view. There is a story to be told here about a lonely little girl and the trials and tribulations she faces on a daily basis. We hope that the ads that will launch alongside Kodomo no Jikan will change the public perception of this kind of artistic storytelling and help potential readers on the fence about the series make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase it.”

Digital Manga Press then went on to note that if successful, the Kickstarter campaign could pave the way for future loli-themed manga to make their way to America, including the likes of Rotte No Omocha!, in which a 10-year-old succubus must consume semen to survive; Hoshikawa Ginza District 4, a manga where a teacher falls for her 13-year-old student whom she is also raising as her pseudo-adoptive daughter, and Miman Ren’ai, in which a 30-year-old adult game programmer falls in love with and publicly proposes to a 12-year-old girl.


Kodomo no Jikan is predicted to hit major bookstores later this year


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