Disney to Incorporate ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

BURBANK, CA — Amid swirling rumors of Disney proposing a $56 billion buyout of 21st Century Fox last month, additional whispers coming from the rumor mill indicate that Disney is also considering adding the first non-OC brand to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Boku no Hero Academia.

“It’s a no brainer” stated Bob Iger, CEO of Disney. “It’s popular, it’s got super heroes, and it’s got that oriental charm investors are keen on.”

Boku no Hero Academia, one of the leading titles in the current Weekly Shonen Jump lineup, has had a huge explosion in popularity in not only Japan, but also finding surprising popularity with western audiences. The series has frequently earned the top spot for graphic novel sales across the first half of 2018, often outranking more widely known traditional comic books such as Black Panther and Deadpool.

Although series author Kohei Horikoshi has been fairly tight-lipped about the acquisition, some have alleged seeing a since deleted tweet from Disney’s official account portraying an image of series protagonist Izuku Midoriya sporting a pair of Mickey Mouse ears; however this remains unverified. Additional insiders have tied famous Hollywood father/son duo Will & Jaden smith to a live action adaptation, alleging the two to feature as the roles of All Might and Mioriya respectively with the controversial M. Night Shyamalan set to direct the film.

Even though this appears to be a smart move financially for Disney, and fairly lucrative for the creative team behind the series, some fans are quite dismayed at the possibility of the huge media conglomerate exerting creative control over the property.

“If they make Ochaco x Bakugo a real thing, I’m probably going to kill myself,” Twitter user DekuXOraraka420, stated.

“They’ll probably just try and make it some super family friendly after school special about focusing on the power of friendship or believing in yourself or something stupid,” speculated another user, AllMight4President. “Shonen is about waifus, fights, and cool powers, none of that sentimental nonsense.”

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