Diverted Spirit Airlines Flight Ends Up in Another World

A Spirit Airlines flight encountered unexpected trouble this weekend when a change to its flight path led the plane to land within another world.

The aircraft was initially on its way to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport after departing from Denver when storms in the area forced the aircraft to take an alternative route. After approximately an hour in the air, pilots reportedly noticed that the plane’s navigation equipment was no longer functional. With no clear direction for the pilots to follow, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at which point passengers noticed that the aircraft and its crew had somehow ended up in a world entirely different from our own.

“Nobody really had any idea what was going on at first,” explained passenger Thomas Forton. “We later encountered a few locals who explained some of the way things worked. Apparently using your seat cushion as a flotation device is a marriage proposal in their world so I’m engaged to the eldest daughter of a duke now.”

Staff struggled to maintain order among the passengers during the delay. With no in-flight meal provided on the discount airlines, many of the passengers chose to leave their seats in order to go forage for food.

“With these smaller airlines you take these sort of risks in order to get a cheaper rate,” stated passenger Andrew Franklin. “It kind of comes with the territory to be honest.”

Officials are unsure as to exactly how the plane ended up in another world. Some have theorized that the larger ratio of male passengers in their late teens and 20’s may have put the plane at a higher risk of spontaneously being transported to an alternative universe.

The Spirit Airlines-owned aircraft was eventually able to resume flight after a party of unlikely passengers cleared a field of cursed creatures to use as a runway and one of the flight attendants recovered a local village’s long lost navigation orb. The flight was able to finally land at its destination in Charlotte after a 3 day and 8 hour delay, an above average delay time for the company.

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