Doujin Enthusiast Really Hoping Not to be Searched by Airport Security

LOS ANGELES, CA – David Hensley, 25, was met with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety this afternoon as he waited in the Customs and Immigration line after his return flight from Japan.

Hensley, an avid collector of doujin works, stated that he very much enjoyed his overseas trip, amassing a rather large sum of material to add to his collection. However, the young man claimed that he was so preoccupied perusing shops for items throughout his travels that he had completely forgotten that he would eventually have to return with it all through U.S. Customs.

When we met up with Hensley, he could be seen nervously glancing around the room as his line slowly advanced towards the security checkpoint.

“Don’t get me wrong, nothing I have is technically illegal, per se,” Hensley reluctantly told our correspondent. “It’s just, I don’t know how I would explain some of this stuff if my bags end up getting searched, you know?”

Hensley went on to elaborate on how all of the characters depicted in his purchases were of at least 18 years of age despite what might be implied by their initial appearance.

“She only looks like a middle school girl; she’s actually over 300 years old. You see, when she got her vampire powers it prevented her from physically aging further. It’s a lot easier to understand if you’ve read the source material.”

Hensley spent the next several minutes regretting how he could have perhaps hidden some of the books under a layer of clothes or at least not have left one of the more risque covers facing upwards at the top of the stack.

As our correspondent left the scene, Hensley was reportedly last seen being directed by one of the security personnel to a separate area away from the main checkpoint line.

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