Dozens Injured in Black Friday Stampede Moving Away From Anime Section

Shoppers getting as far away from possible from anime DVD's

Shoppers getting as far away from possible from anime DVD’s

OAKLAND, CA — A local Best Buy became a chaotic scene earlier today when hundreds of shoppers stormed away from the anime DVD and Blu-Ray section. During the fracas, several people fell to the ground, causing others to stumble over them become entangled as well. At least one person was sent to the hospital after being trampled on.

The stampede started when the mob of frenzied shoppers partaking in the annual Black Friday sale suddenly realized they were in the anime DVD and Blu-Ray section. Realizing that they would rather browse and buy literally anything else in the store, the crowd quickly stormed away.

“I looked up in horror and saw I was standing next to a bunch of anime DVD’s,” said Melanie Bay, 29. “I didn’t stand in line since 6 PM Thursday to get Sekirei for $30.”

“That’s when I heard the screams and before I could realize what was happening I was knocked on the ground and people were just stepping over me,” Bay said.

“Shoppers reacted really strongly to the deals in our anime section,” manager Steve Thorston told Anime Maru, citing offers such as all 10 episodes of Ebiten on DVD at the low price of $47 and shows like Galilei Donna and Gundam 00 for $40.

“In this incident people went way overboard, but I understand the sentiment.” said Thorston.

Injuries ranged from bruises to broken ribs. Rachel Nordqvist, 31, suffered a black eye while fighting to get away from the anime DVD’s.

“When I saw a bunch of overpriced and shitty anime I knew I had to get out; I didn’t want to be seen looking at anime in public. I think everyone else was thinking on the same lines,” Nordqvist told Anime Maru.

“Everyone was pushing and shoving, desperate not to fall or get trapped. No one wanted to be caught dead in the anime section.”

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