‘Drifters’ Blu-Ray Release to Include Eurobeat Soundtrack

dogumi-driftersAnybody who has delved deep enough into Anime knows one thing is certain: drifting is only possible with a Eurobeat soundtrack. Ever since Takumi drifted his way into the hearts of anime fans in 1998 with Initial D, this rule has been something of a constant, spawning many imitations and parodies.

The creators of the Drifters anime, airing this season, knew this rule going into production. Director Kenichi Suzuki admitted that “I wanted to [Drifters] to have a Eurobeat soundtrack, but we had to contact nearly a dozen Eurobeat artists to build up a playlist, and crafting Eurobeat perfection takes a lot longer than whatever we paid Hayato Matsuo to crap out in the meantime for the broadcasts”.

Suzuki promised that the Blu-Ray release of Drifters, which is being handled by NBCU Japan, will include the originally planned Eurobeat Soundtrack.

“Look at Initial D, it’s a boring cartoon about a dull kid and his stupid friends who spend more time panicking about girls and puberty than they do racing, but the second the Eurobeat starts playing the show is a classic,” anime fan Kyouhei Ishimura told Anime Maru. “Drifters has been a pretty mediocre show with gore just for the sake of gore so far, but with a Eurobeat soundtrack it’ll probably be the sixth 10/10 I’ve given this year.”

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