Dub Hater Insists Lupin III Be Watched in the Original Italian



In the constant war of dubs vs. subs, one sub purist is brave enough to call out hypocrites on his own side watching Lupin III: L’ Avventura italiana in Japanese instead of in Italian, as it originally aired. We sat down with MyAnimeList user LotsaSubghetti to get his take on the show.

“I’m really enjoying the new season of Lupin III, but I hate all of these plebs who are watching the show in Japanese. The show premiered in Italy, with Italian voice actors, which makes the Japanese version a dub, which as we all know are uniformly terrible. Therefore, anyone really calling themselves an anime fan should watch the show in its originally intended language, Italian, or ‘Italiano,’ as they say in Italia.”

“I don’t know how people are putting up with the Japanese studio that’s dubbing Lupin III: L’ Avventura italiana. As someone who speaks neither language, I know for certain from the English subtitles that the Japanese dub is definitely ruining the intention of the originale Italiano. I mean, I haven’t actually watched the Japanese dub, I would never debase myself like that, but as I’ve already said dubs are uniformly terrible, so I don’t need to watch it to know.”

“I mean seriously, these Japanese voice actors are clearly completely unqualified to play the Lupin III characters. I looked up Arsene Lupin III’s Japanese voice actor on MAL and he’s only ever had one role, what an amateur! He certainly doesn’t live up to the original doppiatori Stefano Onofri. (Doppiatori is the Italian word for voice actor, and the only thing you can call them by.) Plus, the Italian doppiatori for Fujiko Mine did the voice for The Major from Ghost in the Shell and Balalaika from Black Lagoon! She’s clearly more professional than this Miyuki Sawashiro chick, whoever she’s supposed to be.”

“Still, the worst thing of all is that they went the 4Kids route and added their own new theme song. I mean seriously, look at how terrible this is. It’s nowhere near the qualitiá of the Originale Italiano.”

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